Hi, I am Mihaela and I want to thank you for being here!

This is the space where I am sharing my passion for painting while working full time, being a wife and a mom of 2, somehow my playground, and I am so happy you stopped by.

As a child, I was drawing all the time and dreaming to become an artist and a fashion designer (plus dancer but I left that for behind the scenes :)). In Romania at the time being a painter was not something to be encouraged, on the contrary, out of concern for me I am sure,  I was pushed towards a more classical path.

At 19 I moved to Belgium and drawing and painting came back as a way to express my feelings of being away from my family. Those feelings expanded into many others and I never stopped painting ever since. In the end I am happy to have a day job and be able to experiment with painting as much as I want, no pressure or restrictions this time. The fashion designer in me is still not dead and I hope that one day I will have my artwork printed on clothes and accessories. We are living in this wonderful times when we have the opportunity to make our childhood dreams come true without anyone's approval so let's see what the future holds in store for me.

My main media is acrylic, but I used to paint with oil and I am now also exploring mixed media techniques. My paintings are never planned but they rather unfold in a very organic, intuitive way letting the colors and shapes tell the story and leading the way. I secretly hope that my creations will stir a positive feeling but also bring a splash of color to the space they will be placed in.

My intention is to bring some hope in all this mass of negativity so I hope my paintings will remind people to look at any situation, especially the bad ones, from a different perspective and see something completely new. Remember, everything is in the viewer's eye and you have the choice at any moment to see the bright side in every situation.

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